• Summer, looking South-West

  • As it once was...

  • Summer, looking North-West

  • Winter, looking North-West

  • From Dechmont Hill, looking North

  • Sunset looking West

  • Winter, looking South-East

  • Winter, looking North-West

The Castle of literary fame....

What does an old Castle ruins on the south east hills of Glasgow have in common with Mel Gibson's Braveheart & the poet Robert Burns?

A 16th Century building situated on the outskirts of Glasgow, near Cambuslang on Dechmont hill facing North over the Clyde Valley.

Gilbertfield Castle was the home of the Poet William Hamilton (1665-1751) who inspired a strong sense of nationalism in Robert Burns through his most famous work the modern English translation of "Blind Harry's" Wallace (published 1722). This work was to form the basis of the novel "Braveheart", by the American author Randall Wallace. Which in turn became Mel Gibson's epic oscar winning film.

Burns wrote of Hamiltons work, '...poured a Scottish prejudice in my veins which will boil along there till the flood gates of life shut in eternal rest.'

"Gilbertfield", as Hamilton is often referred to was much admired by Burns and this is shown in his "Epistle To William Simson"


"My senses wad be in a creel,

Should I but dare a hope to speel

Wi' Allan, or wi' Gilbertfield,

The braes o' fame;

Or Fergusson, the writer-chiel,

A deathless name."


Gilbertfield's work was in it's time the most commonly owned book in Scotland next to the Bible and is still in print to this day.

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